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Aus SARMs – The Great All Rounders for Health and Fitness

Whether you’re looking to achieve a fitter looking body, great skin, fat loss or almost anything related to bodily improvement, stay with us… Aus SARMs is all you need to know! When we look at any type of treatments it’s always a concern as to their effectiveness. Afterall most of these products are not cheap.

Is Aus SARMs Legit?

Under the laws of Australia, the use of both Aus SARMs, Kratom and Peptides are legal and safe to use if they have been purchased from a registered clinic in Australia. Elite Supps is just one of just a few reputable clinics that can be relied on. Please note that although Aus SARMs and peptides are legal to use if prescribed by a health professional, the use of such chemicals is not allowed by most sports bodies. It’s a good idea to check with the appropriate association prior to using these in sports.

The unfortunate current trend is seeing SARMs being ordered from many of the less legitimate suppliers in the United States. The significantly lower prices compared to Australia is said to be the main reason for this.

Where to buy SARMs in Australia

There are just a few reliable clinics in Australia where we would consider it safe to buy from. In our professional opinion these are:

Peptide Clinics Australia. A Sydney based specialist offering the best advice from their in-house medical adviser.

Simply visit their website here and register yourself by completing the simple medical declaration. It takes less than 2 minutes and within 5 minutes you could be placing your first order.

Peptides Direct is on a par with the above and they require a similar registration as required by law. The support staff here are excellent and always on hand to assist their clients, whatever the problem or need.

PeptidesOnline is one of the younger companies but they come with a reputation that seems to match their close competitors.

Please be aware that we are in anyway associated to the above companies and in the unlikely event of our readers facing any issues, please take this up with the relevant clinic.

Cheap SARMs!

Cheap Aus SARMs are typically low-quality types with poor purity levels. If you’re determined to use these on your body, beware! This can be and often is a choice that many live to regret. By opting for one of the companies listed previously, you can rest assured that you will come to no harm whatsoever. In fact, the improvements you’ll receive will soon make you realise that your purchase was money well spent.

Aussie Peptides

Make no mistake when buying Aussie peptides, they are simply the best in the world! Yes, they may also be some of the most expensive in the world, but quality means everything here. A widely used peptide that comes to mind is GHRP-6 and it’s many uses.

GHRP 6 Australia


A very potent and extremely effective growth hormone, GHRP 6 increases lean muscle mass, encourages fat loss, alongside anti- ageing benefits typical of hGh release. GHRP6 can be purchased by clicking on the image to the right of this text.

Aus SARMs S22 Review

We asked our readers for some unbiased reviews of the S22 that is being prescribed by Peptide Clinics in Sydney. We chose to review S22 because it is currently a huge seller, therefore, we would have a good mix of opinions from users.

Michael Duffy of Adelaide has been using s22 from Peptide Clinics and here’s what he told us:

Hi all, I’m Michael and I’ve been asked to give a true account of buying SARMs s22 forte from PC Sydney. First of all I’ve used this company on several occasions without any problems at all. They are completely professional and their prices are competitive with all the other reputable legally registered clinics here in Oz.


My main reason for wanting to use s22 was to gain the huge muscles that I had heard so many people rave about. It also has the benefit of not having any adverse reactions to my health, a huge benefit!

SARMs S22 forte Results

I can say that after just 3 months on s22 the gains were just beyond belief. I had no side effects at all and the gains I got seemed to last. I found it so easy to maintain the improvements I had achieved so I didn’t have to devote my whole life to working out. The sheer level that I could burn fat yet increase muscle mass at an astonishing rate was over the top!

After my first 3 months, I decided to get checked out by my doctor just to see if what I had been doing had been harmful. I got a clean bill of health!

SARMs S22 Before and After

I love to see proof of how stuff works and when I started taking SARMs I decided to take photos to show the SARMs s22 before and after results.

I’ve since been trying SARMs s22 cream and to date, I’ve also had some good results with this. It also works out cheaper to administer. It works in a way that I would never have believed! To be honest, though, I think the liquid version of Aus SARMs s22 is more effective.

SARMs S22 has to be tried in whatever form you choose to buy it. This stuff works! But don’t just take my word for it, get yourself online and buy it now! Good luck!